ITVET Food Preparation

Food Preparation

This is an exciting time to begin a career in food preparation. Interest in dining and curiosity about new foods are greater than ever. More new restaurants open every year. The chef, once considered a domestic servant, has become respected as an artist and skilled craftsperson.

The growth of this industry creates a demand for hundreds of skilled people every year. Many people are attracted by a career that is challenging and exciting and, above all, provides the chances to find real satisfaction in doing a job well.

Experimentation and innovation in cooking are the order of the day. Brilliant chefs are breaking old boundaries, inventing dishes that would have been unthinkable years ago. There seems to be no limit to what can be tried.

However, the very chefs who seem to be most revolutionary are the first to insist on the importance of solid grounding in basic techniques and in the classic methods practiced. In order to innovate, you have to know where to begin. Corozal ITVET Food Preparation Trade offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the many rewards this career has for you.

Food Preparation Course Outline

  • Module 1 - Orientation to the industry, occupation, and work
  • Module 2 - Kitchen sanitation
  • Module 3 - Short orders cookery
  • Module 4 - Breakfast preparation
  • Module 5 - Preparing and cooking meat and poultry
  • Module 6 - Preparing pasta, rice, pulses, sauces, soups, and gravies
  • Module 7 - Appetizers and sandwiches seasons
  • Module 8 - Baking cakes and cookies
  • Module 9 - Preparing yeast products and baking quick breads
  • Module 10 - Providing buffet service
  • Module 11 - On the Job Training (Work Experience)


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