Open House 2010

An Open House is held each year at ITVET where students, faculty, and administration are happy to welcome everyone from the community to see what is going on at our school.

Other 2010

There are pictures here of Sports Day, the Summer Course, and the Talapia Project.

Community Activites

Students at ITVET are not confined to activities on campus. Their experiences are broadened by trips, such as those to Altun Ha, and involvement in Public Service Day.

Other Classes

In addition to the expertise gained for a specific profession, students receive classes in computer science and how to make the best use of a library.

Visiting Dignitaries

Every year ITVET is pleased to have visiting dignitaries on our campus.

Gallery Pictures from Years Past

Ministers’ Visits

ITVET has been honored to have the Hon. Pablo Marin, Corozal Bay Representative and Minister of Health, and the Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, visit our facility.

Second Annual Open House

ITVET held its Second Annual Open House on April 25, 2008. Students, teachers, and administrators from several local schools and members of the public were invited to see what ITVET has accomplished and what it is offering.

Educational Expo 2007

ITVET participated with the other educational institutions of Corozal in the Educational Expo of 2007.


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