ITVET Building and Ground Maintenance

Building and Ground Maintenance

The Building and Ground Maintenance Industry contributed directly to the actual economy by its contribution to the GDP in 1997, that being approximately 16%. This sector accounts for a large percentage of the reemployed labor force. These workers all have specific skills training, and when the demand for skills disappears, it will not be easy to switch to jobs outside of the construction industry. There are a lot of support industries that manufacture directly for the Maintenance sector. These industries depend on the boom in building and construction industry for their growth.

Building and Ground Maintenance includes cleaning and maintaining the grounds and buildings to keep them tidy, presentable and beautiful. Career opportunities in the Building and Grounds Maintenance field are endless. They include:

Supervisor Building Maintenance: Supervises and coordinates activities for workers engaged in cleaning and maintaining premises of establishments.

Housekeeper/Custodian: Carries out general cleaning and upkeep in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Groundskeeper: Maintains grounds of industrial, commercial or public property.

Janitor: Keeps hotels, offices, buildings or any related buildings in a clean and orderly condition.

Building and Ground Maintenance Course Outline Level 1

  • Module 1 - Orientation to Occupation
  • Module 2 - Communicating on the Job
  • Module 3 - Quality Development and Improvement of Services
  • Module 4 - Selecting, Operating and maintaining Tools and Equipment
  • Module 5 - Providing Daily Care for Windows, Floors, Restrooms and Living Area
  • Module 6 - Performing Lawn Maintenance
  • Module 7 - Applying Surface Coating to Building and Structural Materials
  • Module 8 - Carrying Out the Maintenance of System Components in Air-condition
  • Module 9 - Preparing Cementitious Materials and Aggregates for Application
  • Module 10 - Joining Pipes to Provide for the Collection, Storage, and Distribution of Fluids
  • Module 11 - On the Job Training (Work Experience)

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